The power of ZARA

22 May

Fashion mogul Zara, steps into multichannel retailing with the launch of its much anticipated e-commerce functionality across Europe.

Zara, the fashion juggernaut that never advertises has rolled out its online stores across Europe and has taken the Australian market by storm with its Sydney store!!!   Inditex (who owns the Zara brand), have stubbornly avoided this path, favouring the rollout of bricks and mortar outlets globally.

Inditex Deputy Chairman and CEO Pablo Isla commented, “Internet and the world of social networking are indispensable tools and extraordinary channels for communication, and fit perfectly with our Group’s philosophy.”

In building its cyberspace profile, the brand has gained notoriety and engaged consumers through social media and mobile applications. Launched in 2009, the Zara Facebook page, has over 4.5 million fans, and its iPhone application has been downloaded by two million people – with Inditex commenting that m-commerce will also “soon be available”.

The video attached  gives you a indications of the speed and power Zara has and has certainly rattled the Australian market with medium tiered retail chains !!

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