Throughout her career Aoife has gained experience in, leadership, strategy development, and development of award – winning effective communications, stakeholder engagement and project management.

1. Strong strategic ability with 12 years’ experience in digital marketing and social communications.Throughout her career she has been required to deliver digital solutions based on comprehensive strategies that will solve complex business problems and meet brand objectives. Within strategic discussions she provides clarity on the situation and is able to think differently about to unlock opportunities for organizations.
2. Having been involved in strategy development in her previous role she has experience developing strategies that lead to significant improvement in business results and positive shift in brand metrics.
3. Extensive stakeholder management experience: constantly required to engage with business stakeholder, agencies and her team to make decisions and come to agreement.
4. Highly experienced in project management with 12 years delivering diverse communications with multiple elements, complexities and across multiple channels including Digital and Traditional
5. The strength of her relationships: Aoife has a strong rapport with her peers, stakeholders and managers and thrives as a leader
6. She is a strong people leader: Aoife quickly gains people’s support and respect in order to work together to achieve audacious brand and business challenges.
7. She thoroughly enjoys the challenge of leading a team of people to deliver the best outcome and working with them to develop their skills and abilities.
8. Her colleagues have a high level of respect for her, the quality of her work and ability to inspire and guide the team by providing clarity and direction on complex ideas.
9. The strength of her relationship with industry partners is exceptionally strong and invaluable as a business to be able to leverage of her network * Referee’s contact details available upon request

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